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  1. "I went to see Dr. Sumiko due to a stiff neck, headaches, elbow pain, and numbness in my hands. After determining that a straight neck was the cause, I began a 3-month procedure of traction and exercises to restore my neck curve which completely cured my illnesses. After the treatment, advice on lifestyle improvements and maintenance at home has prevented any relapse, releasing me from many years of pain and numbness, making everyday life much more comfortable."

  1. "Problem areas were easily identified with X-Ray images. No more severe headaches and neck stiffness I have spent much time and money on!"

  1. "Twelve years ago, I fractured a bone in my back,

and a month ago, I bumped into the side of a pool, worsening

my back pain. Because I sit on a chair all day using a computer,

my neck and upper back get incredibly stiff and I have chronic lower back pain so that going to work was such a trial that I

was getting depressed. When Dr. Missimer examined me, she

saw that my neck had no curve, but was straight and stuck

out to the front. Also from my chest to my waist, my spine

was crooked, and the disk between my sacrum and L5 vertebra was compressed. Twice a week I was treated with Circular Traction, Berry's Translation Traction, Full Traction System and muscle treatments. I was taught stretching exercises. Two or three months later the stiffness in my neck and upper back and my lower back pain were gone, and my entire body felt completely refreshed. I had assumed that a complete cure was impossible, but I have been freed from the stress and pain, and the agony of the past seems as if it could never have been."

  1. “Dr. Missimer treated me for pain in my arm and the cervical spine which were its cause.  I was really surprised at the start of the treatment because it was completely different from what I had imagined based on my previous treatment. In addition to the gear used at the clinic, I did home treatment.  So, it was good that I could continue treatment at home even when I went back to Japan in the summer. After three months of treatment, the pain in my arm no longer bothered me, and even better, after I started treatment the migraines which had been plaguing me for years never came back. Dr. Missimer's overflowing energy and constant encouragement really picked up my spirits.

  2. “I have been in a number of small auto accidents. I use a computer a lot at work. I enjoy playing musical instruments, but when these all pile up on top of stress, my back, shoulders, neck, and the back of my head felt as if they had been filled with solid lead pressing down. The techniques of other doctors would provide temporary relief, but the unbearable pain would always come right back. Dr. Sumiko closely analyzed my full body X-ray and clearly and patiently explained to me the root cause - how the lack of a neck curve prevented  my spine from supporting my head and placed a load on my muscles. Taking carefully into account how the insurance would cover the treatment, she treated me gently with the latest traction equipment. An X-ray 5 months later showed the improvement in re-curving my neck. The neck and upper back stiffness I had had for years was gone, and she showed me how to continue exercises and treatment at home. I had also worried about my junior high school daughter's slouch and the way her head tilted to the right, but they got better after only ten visits. The doctor showed me how just a little attention to posture when holding a book for reading, or using a computer or cell phone can allow you to keep your body balanced - the result is advice on total health management for our entire family.” 

  3. “Tendonitis in my right wrist made it difficult to even wash my face, but Dr. Missimer's treatment has made it completely better. I had assumed that the cause was keyboard overuse, but she said "the problem is probably your neck". We looked at the X-ray and there was no curve. Moreover, the disk between cervical vertebrae 5 and 6 was worn down. I underwent 2-way traction on the latest type of machine and it was so smooth it felt great each time.”

  4. “Once every one or two years I would get lower back spasms so bad that I would have to crawl to the toilet. Dr Missimer looked at my X-rays and saw that lumbar vertebrae 2 and 4 were  displaced to the rear. In addition to treating me at the clinic she has taught me how to do exercises at home and pay attention to my daily activities. I thank her for her kind and patient treatment.”

  5. “I had been bothered by frozen shoulders. Physical therapy and sports massage had reduced the problem, but it had never gotten completely better. For  about a month, the pain would get me up every two hours at night. As a result of using both Mirror Image Exercise and neck Extension Traction, I was completely freed of pain after 4 days.”

  6. “For about 20 years I've had numbness at the tips of my right fingers. I've told a wide variety of practitioners about it, but never got a response that meant anything to me. Dr Missimer said "let's take care of that before you get any older" and explained to me in detail what she thought was the cause. After looking at the X-ray I started neck traction to restore my neck curve. On the first visit it was only three minutes, but when it was  done I almost shouted "I can't believe it! The numbness is gone!" The numbness that I had worried about for years mostly disappeared in a mere three minutes. We were so surprised that we looked at each other and laughed.”


  1. "I have tried various exercise routines and treatments for my scoliosis with no effect. Just two months after starting CBP® treatment, my posture has noticeably improved, and I've even been told I look younger. My lower back pain is gone and my overall health is significantly better. I truly believe the CBP® treatment method is revolutionary!"

  2. "I came in to see about neck stiffness and sharp pain in my upper arm. My chronic neck stiffness was so severe that it even led to pain in my shoulder. After several weeks of ultrasound treatment, the pain in my shoulder faded and was unnoticeable in everyday life. After treating shoulder pain, fixing my neck curve relieved longstanding suffering from chronic neck stiffness."

  3. “I had had lower back pain starting 30 years ago, with severe spasms several times a year, and it was only getting worse. The pain was terrible on business trips, and I had been in and out of doctors' offices with only temporary improvements each time. I saw Dr. Missimer's article in the October issue of BaySpo and decided to give her a try. What I saw on the X-ray shocked me. My spine, which was supposed to be straight, was curved, and my neck, which was supposed to be curved, was straight. The disk between my sacrum and the 5th lumber vertebra was really worn down. Not having realized earlier how bad things were, I was really taken aback. At the start of using Berry Translation Traction I felt uncomfortable, but once I got used to it this wonder feeling flowed through my body, and it was very effective. The X-ray three months later showed that I had developed a curve in my neck and the misalignment of my spine had gotten somewhat better. My bad posture of a extremely low right shoulder had gotten better, and my headaches were gone. At home I started doing the yoga and strengthening training she taught me and I'm still doing it. Yoga calms me, making me feel that everything is going to be all right. The strengthening training was a challenge, though. Dr Missimer is positive and friendly. The clinic is comfortable and she works patiently with each patient. I'm glad I went to see her.”

  4. Over ten years ago I started getting occasional pain in my back. When it hurt so badly I couldn't sleep I'd try to get by by pressing it with my fist. I was uneasy about what would happen in the future, though, and hoped to be able to go to a woman doctor. When I heard about Dr Missimer I made up my mind. I found out that the pain was due to the lack of a curve in my neck. I started doing traction and using a Denneroll at home. I was surprised to learn how one small neck bone not being in the right position can put a burden on different parts of the body and cause problems. She was so kind in asking in detail about my symptoms, and so patient in treating me when my symptoms were bad. She straightened out the misalignment of my body. She would warm up my neck and then gently  rub the stiffness out with her hands. It felt great - I relaxed completely. When I went to see her after my lower back started hurting after playing tennis, she pointed out that one of my lower vertebra had moved out of position and treated it right away. The pain in my back is now  completely gone. Free from that pain I feel that my back muscles have stretched out. I had always worried about bad posture, so now I'm confident. From another woman,  housewife, and parent I got without realizing lots of advice about the daily habits that were a bad influence. I'm glad that I didn't wait any longer to get treated by her and am very satisfied in mind and body. Thank you.”

  5. “Because my ears started ringing, I first went to a pediatrician, but he was unable to identify the cause. So, I went to Dr Missimer who is a friend of my mother's. It had been bad enough to interfere with my sleep, but in just a month it was gone. Neck traction felt so good that occasionally I would fall into a deep sleep. Because I've been playing the violin for nine years, my right shoulder is low and my neck tilted to the left. Since I started treatment, I now make a point of always maintaining correct posture.”

  6. “For years I've had the habit of hiking in the hills, but at one point I started feeling pain in my knee if I hiked over two hours. Dr. Missimer looked at me and saw that my posture was bad with a bad lateral unbalance. I go on a lot of business trips, so I couldn't make regular visits to the clinic,  but when I didn't have a trip we'd work something out which helped. She also showed me simple exercises I could do on a trip or at home. As a result of the treatment I can now enjoy my hiking.”

  7.  “I had stiff neck and upper back, pain in my right shoulder and lower back pain. I found out that the cause was due to the lack of a curve in my neck. I am grateful for the kind way Dr Missimer treated me. It left me with a really warm impression.”

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