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Gentle and effective - going beyond traditional chiropractic, a newer, better way of healing

  1. Headaches, migraine, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, tinnitus

  2. Pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, elbow, wrist, fingers

  3. Tingling or numbness in the arms and legs, pain in the pelvis, knees, or ankles

  4. Whiplash and other after-effects of accidents

  5. Scoliosis, sports injuries

  6. Ergonomic evaluation, Advice for improving abnormal blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar levels

  7. Effective for cases which have not improved with other treatments, and for chronic pain or numbness.

  8. The gentle techniques we use gradually remove distortions of the spine, so they can safely be used on all ages from children to adults.

  9. We perform a detailed evaluation of the patient in terms of exercise, nutrition, sleep, environment(stress) to work toward improvements in daily life.

  10. If you are worried about your child's posture, we recommend not waiting to come in for a consultation.

  11. We handle major types of insurance.

Contact us in either English or Japanese.

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Sumiko Missimer

1309 S. Mary Ave., #105

Sunnyvale, CA 94087


(408) 738-8610


When seen from the front, the ideal spine is straight. When seen from the side, the neck, upper back, and lower back each have their respective curves. What does your spine look like?

By analyzing the whole body, we identify the root cause of pain. By improving posture and straightening the spine we achieve a fundamental curve.