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About the Human Spine

    The ideal human spine when seen from the front looks straight. From the side, we see the three curves - at the neck, the upper back, and at the lower back. The curve in the upper back is already present when a child is born. The neck curve develops when a child begins to crawl, and the curve at the lower back when the child begins walking. However, accidents or asymmetric use of the body during daily activities, or extended holding of a fixed, un-centered posture can cause the shape of the spine to gradually depart from the ideal. The curves which we expect to see from the side disappear or reverse, and the straight spine we expect to see from the front curves to the side. When these things happen, the disks between the vertebrae are compressed, pressing on the nerves and producing pain. Imbalances start showing up in the surround ligaments and muscles and normal human functions start to deteriorate.


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Circular Traction

Omni Drop Table

Berry Traction

Erickson Thoraco-Lumbar Traction

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Ideal Spine Alignment

About CBP Chiropractic Treatment

  Chiropractic was started in 1895 in the United States by Dr. David Palmer. Since then, a variety of different treatments - some say as many as 200 - have been developed. From among these, our clinic relies mainly on those techniques developed by Dr. Donald Harrison in 1980 and given the name CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics). Dr Harrison’s background is in engineering, but after getting his chiropractor’s license he taught at university while treating patients. He later took a doctorate in applied mathematics and through extensive research, put together the CBP treatment techniques.

    These techniques start with a detailed analysis of X-rays of the patient’s spine, using mathematics and physics to compare with the ideal. Correcting posture straightens the distortions of the patient’s spine so that it approaches the ideal. The techniques reach deeper than traditional ones and are consequently more effective and serve to prevent future problems.


Full Spine Postural Traction System

Horizontal - normal lower spine

Full Spine Postural Traction System

“Mountain” shape - not enough lower spine curve

Full Spine Postural Traction System

“Valley” shape - excessive lower spine curve

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Stainless Steel Massage Device

VibraCussor® High Performance Massage Device

Motor Nerve Stimulation Device

Denneroll: neck curve adjustment device

Scoliroll: spine curve adjustment device

Pro-Lordotic Neck Exerciser: helps train muscles around neck as well as support proper neck curve

Ultrasound Machine Device

Home Traction

    In addition to treatments carried out in the office, a treatment plan will include home traction exercises which are easily performed in the home and greatly increase the effectiveness of your treatment. Continuing home traction even after your visits to the clinic are complete allows you to carry out self-maintenance. With our initial guidance, a home traction plan which fits the individual’s symptoms can greatly boost the effectiveness of treatment.

CBP at our Clinic

    In CBP, we use a combination of three Mirror Image®* techniques - exercise, adjustment, and traction. Mirror Image involves moving the spine in the opposite direction of the distortion to restore the original ideal shape of the spine. Even though it involves straightening distortions, there is no pain, and it is in fact quite comfortable, with patients frequently falling asleep during traction sessions.

    At the clinic we have an OmniDrop Table for Mirror Image Adjustments, a circular Traction unit for seven types of neck traction, a Berry Translation Traction device effective for treating scoliosis, and an Erickson Thoraco-Lumbar traction unit for traction of the upper back and lower back. For cases where the compressed disks we use the Full Spine Postural Traction System. Because we can adjust the rises or falls in the lower spine at precise angles, we can treat lower spines with too much or too little curve. With the latest devices, we aim for the most effective treatment.

Muscle Treatments

    We also have the latest in ultrasound and motor nerve stimulation devices, and massage tools for unknotting cramped muscles and improving the flow of blood and the lymphatic system, as well as improving nerve action to reduce pain.

    We guide you in yoga strengthening and stretching techniques. Preserving flexibility and balance via these techniques is very important.