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    The day after Christmas 2003, I woke up to find myself with an incredible pain in my lower back, to the point where I could barely walk. After two weeks, it had gotten no better, so I went to a CBP chiropractor recommended by my husband. She said "Your head is tilted to the left, your left shoulder is higher than the right, and your pelvis isn't straight." On the X-ray, the curve in my neck was missing. I had previously had chronic stiffness in my neck and upper back and numbness in my left arm, and had become very susceptible to colds after the birth of my second child. Each time I developed a cough, it would hang around for a couple of weeks. I had written it off as natural aging, but the doctor said "We can fix that, too". I started regular visits, but had never been to a chiropractor before and was skeptical.

    But then one morning three months after I had started treatment, I got up and started walking around and felt so light that it almost felt like floating. I was surprised and thrilled at the sensation of not having any load on my body. "I'm floating" I told my husband. I realized later that after two months the stiff neck and upper back as well as numbness in my arm were gone, and after one more month the pain in my lower back went, too. The next winter, I caught no colds, and my whole physical condition had improved.

    However, just as I was thinking that this was the end of my visits to the clinic, I was rear-ended on the freeway. The accident gave me a severe whiplash and numbness down my left side. Back to the clinic!

    And it was during this next round that it struck me. I realized in my bones, so to speak, that with these techniques (CBP), there are no side- or after-effects. I had previously heard about people with lingering whiplash symptoms, but after getting my original spine shape back with CBP, I had none. This doctor's technique is wonderful! I want to become a chiropractor, too and help people who are suffering or in pain.

The Importance of Your Neck Curve

    Many instances of headaches, migraine, stiff shoulders, tinnitus, pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, elbow, wrist, fingers have as their underlying cause a lack of neck curve. The reason for this is that all these nerves pass through the neck so that when the curve is gone, the disks between the vertebrae are compressed, squeezing the nerves. The head weighs about ten pounds, so where there is no curve, all that weight and motion comes pressing straight down on the disks. Also, the muscles around the neck have to work harder, tiring them and making

for stiff neck and upper back. For these reasons, when there is      no neck curve, it is highly desirable to create or restore it.

How I Began

    Ideal neck curve (left) and a curve which needs treatment. The red line is the neck line for a patient with no neck curve, and the green line is the line of an ideal curve. In our clinic, we use the latest equipment developed by the CBP group to bring our patients' neck curves as close as we can to the ideal.© 2009 CBP

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